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in a single light-weight app that generates sales and replaces 40+ commonly used apps.
$29.99 / month, free for 30 days, all inclusive.
Generate more sales and revenue
Increase Revenue

Increase average order value and lift conversions rates

Save time and money
Improve Load Speed

Optimized and cached for blazing fast global delivery. Read the case study

Increase trust and customer satisfaction
Reduce App Fees

One monthly subscription instead of dozens

Increase trust and customer satisfaction
Single Point of Support

A single experienced and responsive support team for all apps

Generate more sales and revenue
Clean install

We never modify theme files: 1-click install, 1-click uninstall

Save time and money
No App Conflicts

All apps work together and interact flawlessly

41 and counting

VITALS brings 41 of the most required ecommerce plugins under one roof. We value our users' feedback - and we prioritize our development schedule based primarily on their suggestions. The end result? We constantly launch new apps as well as add new features to the existing ones.

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Increase revenue and average order value by selling different products together.

  • Create dedicated bundles for specific products or
  • Allow the app to automatically create bundles on the fly

Offer tiered pricing that motivates customers to buy more. Set up different discounts for different quantity tiers. Discount will be applied on the checkout page.

All about speed
Ultra-optimized code

The apps we've built are currently viewed by millions. With this in mind we're building more and better apps - having more features doesn't necessarily mean writing more code, but writing it smarter.

Dedicated script files stored safely in the cloud

Every time you change a setting, your custom script is regenerated and stored on our servers, hosted on DigitalOcean (the leading cloud infrastructure provider with a 99.99% uptime SLA for all services).

Global delivery with caching and fast routing

When the next visitor arrives on your store, the script file is cached on Cloudflare. As Cloudflare currently routes 10% of all Internet traffic, it's able to route traffic across the fastest paths available in real-time.

Browser caching for instant loading

Once visitors lands on your store, the script file will be cached in their browser for 30 minutes. For each subsequent page view, the script file will load directly from his local cache, with no need to access the internet.

Want to know the impact of having too many apps on your store’s load speed?

After all, 53% of mobile site visits leave a page that takes longer than three seconds to load. [source]

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This is the best app ever. I had it for less than 10 minutes and I feel like a kid in a toy store.

Incredible product! All the best apps in one place, easy to install and customize and really fast and amazing support! And if there are any features you want added to the app they take suggestions.

This app works very well and includes an unbelievable amount of features that otherwise would have been costing my store over £200 pound a month

This bundle once you install it you'll never remove it! All the essentials that you need in one place. Obviously you have more than one reason why you need this bundle. Simply switch ON and OFF the features, if each feature is a separate app you'll have to deal with several developers.

This is an AMAZING app! The value is incredible, the interface is very easy to use, and the customer support is the best I have seen (I'm not new to Shopify). Get this app, you will not be disappointed. Truly amazing.

Amazing app a lot of the features you can find free but added up it does save you a tiny bit. The value comes from the load speed it can cut a whole 4-6 seconds off your website speed!


All Inclusive Unlimited Usage Fixed Price
All 40+ apps included
All future apps & features
Unlimited page requests
Unlimited products
Unlimited upsells, cross-sells and pre-orders
Unlimited Facebook pixels
Unlimited reviews imported
500 request review emails / month
Cloudflare™️ caching
160+ currencies with geo-location, integrated with Shopify's Multi-Currency
Perfect 5 star rating based on 250+ reviews

See how VITALS compares vs. multiple apps

Vitals - 40+ Apps in One
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Backup & Multiple Facebook Pixels
Trackify X Facebook Pixel App
Recent Sales Notifications
Sales Pop ‑ Popup Notification
Pre‑Order Manager 2.0
Volume Discounts
Bold Quantity Breaks
Instant Search
Instant Search +
Shipping Information
Sales Box ‑ Shipping & Offers
Spin-the-Wheel Gamified Pop-Op
Wheelio ‑ Gamified pop‑up
Sticky Add to Cart
Ultimate Sticky Add to Cart
Email Collection Bar
Email Collection Bar
Free Shipping Bar
Free Shipping Bar
Related Products
Also Bought • Cross Sell
Countdown Timer Bar
Countdown Timer Bar
Currency Converter
BEST Currency Converter
Product Bundles
Frequently Bought Together
Countdown Timer & Stock Scarcity
Hurrify ‑ Countdown Timer
Description Tabs
Tabs by Station
All-in-One Chat
Chaty: All‑In‑One Chat Button
+ many more :)
Other apps
Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions

There are more than 800,000 Shopify stores out there, and we're tirelessly working towards a single goal - empower all of them with VITALS. We believe that offering a huge amount of value for the equivalent of a couple of cappuccinos is the only way to achieve that.

To cancel the subscription you just have to uninstall the app. We never modify theme files so we’ll leave nothing behind - however, if you’ve added our snippet in the Additional Analytics scripts, you might want to also remove it from there.

We've worked hard to prepare all our apps to work smoothly on all the 63 themes sold in Shopify's Theme Store. Some features may not yet available on all the themes (such as displaying the currency conversion switcher in the menu), but we'll get there rather sooner than later. If your theme is not supported, we'll help you get VITALS up and running in less than a couple of business days.

You should know VITALS never modifies your theme, so there is no need to uninstall and install again the app because that might affect your billing cycle and you can be charged by Shopify twice for the same period. There is nothing you have to do just enjoy VITALS :). If on your theme files something seems to be out of place, just adjust the positioning of various elements or us know. There are some exceptions with a few themes. For example, if you’re using Turbo -> switch to Sport Mode and the apps will work.

No, most likely not. For instance, you might not sell to EU clients so you would not require the Cookie Bar or the checkbox allowing your customers to Agree to Terms and Conditions. Or your theme might already have the Sticky Add to Cart integrated. The good thing about VITALS, however, is that only the apps you activate are included in the script file.

Almost all VITALS modules can currently be translated in any languages except for the Trust Badges (they need to be redesigned from scratch to work for any other language, but we’re getting ready to have them translated into French, Spanish, German - this should happen in early 2019). You can find the translations section in every module settings page. There may still be words / phrases / places where translation is not ready yet, but our commitment is to solve this in 24 hours once somebody requires a translation field that’s missing.

Most likely because of caching, you might need to force refresh to clear your browser's cache. For Windows & Chrome, it's CTRL + SHIFT + R, you'll find details in the app on how to clear cache for all browsers and operating systems.

Every time you change a setting or activate/deactivate the app, a new script is generated containing all your settings. This script is sent to Cloudflare servers and cached there. When a customer visits your site, the script will be downloaded to their browser from the closest location to them. After the script first loads in a customer's browser, it's cached there for 30 minutes. If the customer visits your store again after 30 minutes, a new script is downloaded from Cloudflare's servers. Read more here.

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